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Gamma 5.1

The Gamma 51 microprocessor has been designed using surface mount component technology to be as small and compact as possible. The main processor incorporates many features and peripherals. 
Gamma 51 can lift traction and hydraulic elevators up to 16 floors and work with up to 6 cars in a group. Controls two manual gates and two power doors.The board has 42 I/O terminals working with 24 VDC common ground and safety chain 48VDC / 110AC / 220AC . The control board has an unique IP adress and the ability to export data thru ethernet or internet.


 Types of Lifts
   Electrical Single Speed
   Electrical Dual Speed
   Electrical VVVF 
   Hydraulic (1,2,3 or 4 valves, Bucher) 
   16 Stops,Normal, Down Collective, Up Collective,
   Full Collective
   42 I/O terminals for Calls
Safety Chain
   8 terminal inputs, 48 VDC, 110 VAC or 220 VAC 
   Terminal inputs with common ground, 24 VDC
   16 outputs, 24VDC
   7 Segment
   Matrix / LCD
Communication interface
   RS232 for PC monitoring and configuration;
   Group communication interface
   Internet connection interface (as option)


  • Led Status Indicators for all inputs and outputs 
  • Opto-isolation on all inputs
  • Output isolation via relay contacts 
  • Up and down relevelling  for 
        hydraulic  and VVVF application 
  • Integrated Dispatching up to 4 Cars 
  • RTC and Flash onboard  
  • Detailed Error and Event Log 
  • Temperature control onboard 
  • Over 200 parameters for fine tunning 
  • Motor Termal Protection Terminals onboard 
  • MODBUS RTU Software connecting with
        Build Management System 
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